Our Promise

All of our blends at SereniTEA are 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified.

Organic Certified

Did you know tea leaves go unwashed in production? Hence an organic tea is free of any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, and hence a healthier and tastier cup for you! Just as importantly, an organic process also ensures the protection of the environment and plantation workers at the source.

Organic cultivation methods include using natural soil conditioners, botanical insect repellents, manual weeding, and the careful development of the landscape with shading and nutrient providing trees. Such methods preserve the environment, promote biodiversity, and improve the quality of the crop.

Fairtrade Certified

All of our sourced teas at SereniTEA are 100% Fairtrade Certified.

The Fairtrade movement ensures decent working conditions for workers in developing countries and invests directly in their communities. Our tea producer’s workforce is given minimum statutory rights, including provisions such as freedom from discrimination, ability to unionise, fair payment structures and maternity benefits for the female workforce. These are but a few of the requirements that form part of the Fairtrade certification standard.

Furthermore, a percentage of the price of the tea we buy (called the ‘Fairtrade Premium’) is given directly to the workers fund. They democratically decide in how to invest the money into social, environmental, and educational projects.