Tea Tray Set

Tea tray set 2 cup ceramic (w/ tray, cup, jug, dish)

Tea Tray Set

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For an exquisite presentation. 1 cup or 2 cup ceramic teapots, included with a wooden tray, ceramic cup, ceramic milk jug and ceramic tea bag dish.

SereniTEA Brandmark

SereniTEA invites you to an elevated tea experience, an experience which promotes peace and wellness for the mind, body, and soul. We think of sourcing and blending tea as an art form. It requires a dedication to consistency and balance, whilst searching to achieve nuances that evoke character and personality. Our tea is one of flavourful indulgence, both spiritual and ritualistic. It is happiness in a sip, clarity in a cup, a statement at any gathering. Born from an idea encapsulated in our name, our belief in Organic and Fairtrade certifications are intrinsic in our vision as a business. We don’t simply strive to create the world’s best tea blends; we live for what it inspires beyond the cup.

SereniTEA started of, like many great things, as a simple conversation. Anjul, one of the co-founders of the business, commented to her son, Ashish, the other co-founder, that there were a lack of good organic tea in the market.

"Let's start a tea business!"

From there, we worked on a brief business plan, and within a couple of weeks Anjul had resigned from her job. Ashish, still studying in university at the time, devoted his spare time into the logistical and branding side of the business, whilst Anjul navigated the sales and marketing side. Our very first client was Myer, where we sold our loose leaf teas through the Christmas period. Confidence instilled, from there we walked the streets of Melbourne, knocking on the doors of cafés and restaurants. 

We continue to work closely together today.


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